QA/QC and Inspection Services


Our QAR (Quality Assurance Representative) service works as the client’s eyes and ears in the field, We monitor and control the system installation and commissioning through the start-up and construction phases of the project. If our customers can avoid system failures schedule delays, and system performance/contamination issues when the project is complete, our service pays for itself.

  • Site QAR Services
  • Tank and Vessel Fabrication Monitoring and Inspection
  • Vendor Source inspections
  • Material Inspections
  • Protocol Monitoring and Training
  • Site M&E Coordination
  • System Commissioning and Testing
  • Borescope Inspections
  • Slope Verification
  • Electrical and Control System Inspections
  • Contractor Pre-qualification
  • Welder Testing and Inspections
  • Installation Procedures
  • Weld procedures
  • Validation Support
  • Training Services
  • System Inspection/Turnover Packages
  • Documentation Control
  • Third Party Inspection/Witnessing
  • Risk Assesment