Leak Testing


Our inventory of advanced leak detection equipment is extensive and our technical experience can help you find and quantify leak rates as small as 1X10-11 std. cc/sec (.00000000001 cubic centimeters per second). Helium Mass spectrometry leak detection technology combined with QAM's extensive industry experience means we can generate innovative test solutions to meet almost any customer requirement. We have developed protocols to leak test a wide variety of systems and components including tiny precision engineered parts, hazardous gas distribution systems as well as massive industrial and HVAC systems and system components.

  • Component Leak Testing.
  • High Purity Gas distribution System testing.
  • Tracer gas Testing.
  • Process chamber troubleshooting.
  • Ultra High Vacuum System Testing and Troubleshooting.
  • Specialized solutions for pharmaceutical, power, petrochemical and solar industries.